Jonathan Kraft: Wes Welker’s agent “had a view of the world that we didn’t think was realistic”

wes welkerNew England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft once again made it clear that they made Wes Welker a bigger offer then what he settled for with the Broncos last offseason.

“We still offered Wes before free agency started, more than he ended up getting in the open market,” Kraft said, via the Boston Globe. “But once free agency started, we went out and signed Danny because he fit a construct that worked within our system, and we couldn’t take the risk of losing both Wes and Danny. So it really wasn’t as much about the money, it was about trying to do a deal with Wes before free agency started. His agent had a view of the world that we didn’t think was realistic.”

Kraft says they even offered Welker a contract the summer before that would have benefited him.

“We had actually offered Wes a deal the summer before that on a three-year basis would’ve left him in a financially better place than what he’s gonna end up having been in over those three years. But we were willing to do that at a certain time when his production was at a certain level, his age was at a certain level, and he was performing as a player. When we went another year into the process, we still in our head had a value that we were able to place on the player. The player and his agent thought that their value in the open market was going to be greater,” Kraft said.