Jonathan Kraft: No rift between the Patriots and Rob Gronkowski

There have been multiple reports that that tight end Rob Gronkowski has a fractured relationship with the Patriots over the fact that he still hasn’t play in a game this season.

Patriots team president Jonathan Kraft told 98.5 The Sports Hub that there’s no rift between both sides.

“Not from the level with anybody named Kraft,” said Kraft, via “I’m not aware of it with anybody anywhere else. … Rob is going to know when he wants to play and Rob loves the game of football. When Rob wants to play, when Rob can play, he’ll play. No one here questions Rob’s desire about the game, about his passion for the game, and wanting to play the game of football.”

Kraft certainly gave us the politically correct answer.  I would expect him to say there’s a problem.



  1. says

    Doesn’t that sound like the same B.S. they gave to Wes Welker before they LOST him to the Broncos?
    Or that “I’d like to see Tebow on the team” (Mr. Kraft, OWNER) but I leave it up to Coach Billichek) Who, despite tossing 2 touchdown passes in the last pre-season game, cheerfully and politely DUMPED Tim Tebow.
    Oh, well, same ol same ol. Whatever is P.C. and don’t blame me I’m just the owner (like Jerry Jones @ Dallas).
    The coach runs the team (yea, right)

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