Jon Gruden: “I would like to give coaching one more try”

Former NFL head coach and current ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden was a special guest at Gateway Bank’s Friday tailgate event in Ocala, Florida.

Despite a successful broadcasting career, gruden did make it clear he would like to coach again.

“I haven’t lost a game in 3½ years,” he said via “But no, I would like to give coaching one more try.”

Things have changed a lot over the past five years in the NFL.  It would be interesting to see if Gruden could still have success.


  • Jimbo

    How about a college job at USC?

  • Anonymous

    How about the Vikes?

  • John W.

    Hows about the Gators, Bucs, Jags. It’s a target rich environment.

  • Anonymous

    go to the cowboys

  • Ernie Diaz

    I am an Alumni of USC – his name is consistently being thrown out by all of us. He would be a great coach for SC. He has the charisma, the personality, is a good motivator. He would be awesome for LA. This is the type of coach we need.