Jon Gruden believes Tim Tebow can be successful in the NFL

ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst and former NFL head coach Jon Gruden made an appearance in  Ocala, Florida at the Gateway Bank’s Friday tailgate event.

During Gruden’s speech,  he stated that he believes Tom Tebow can be a successful NFL quarterback in the right offense.

“If you’re going to have Tebow as a quarterback, it’s got to be a full-court press to let him be the kind of quarterback he is. Let’s quit trying to change the way he plays the position,” Gruden said, via

The problem is that no team wants to tailor their offense for Tebow.  They would rather have him change his throwing mechanics.

I wonder if Gruden would sign Tebow if he was coaching in the NFL right now.


  • Daniel Stillmunks

    You wonder if Gruden would sign Tebow?? You bet your sweet Aunt Susie he would !!
    Can you imagine an offense, like the Florida Gators: Tebow @ QB, Hernandez @ Right T.E., Percy Harvin Right wide out and Chris Haney as the running back. Riley Cooper as left wide out. The Pouncey brothers as tackle and center.

    Now, go to the next level (pro): Tebow still q.b,; Texas A & M’s #13 as tight end. Find a fast wide-out (it’s not hard). Get a good running back similar to REDskins fullback, get another wide out. Fill in the line with people who can block for a running, pound the rock, smash mouth ball game.

    CAN YOU imagine, a guy like the famous Larry Csonka as a running Quaarterback? I can.. I believe and I think Gruden SEES the formation(s) that work.
    N.E. Patriots used Hernandez as a “U” back next to Brady on the right, he went in motion to the left as the ball is hiked everyone takes off! No one open? = no problem: sling it to Hernandez’s (replacement,) or q.b. draw.. and if that’s not possible: THROW THE BALL AWAY and save a loss and a sack.
    Tebow can do these things.
    I ask the dear LORD to open the eyes and the ears of those in power in the NFL to take a second or third look at this great young man.

    You, who are reading this: what kind of person is Tim Tebow? go to and SEE what this wonderful man is doing in the Philippines and all over the world.