Jon Beason won’t need surgery

The New York Giants have announced that linebacker Jon Beason won’t need to undergo surgery on his broken foot.

Giants linebacker Jon Beason was examined yesterday by Foot and Ankle Specialist Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte. After the exam and a review of Beason’s MRI, X-Rays and CT scan, it was determined that Beason’s injury — a ligament tear and a small fracture to the sesamoid in his right foot – does not require surgery. Beason’s foot will be immobilized for six weeks (three weeks in a cast and three in a walking boot) as the first step in his rehabilitation.

“My visit with Dr. Anderson went as well as it could have yesterday. I’m happy that it was determined that I will be able to recover without surgery,” said Beason, via My plan is to work as hard as I can during my rehab so I can be fully recovered around the start of the regular season opener on Monday night in Detroit.”