Johnny Manziel would love to play with Andre Johnson and Arian Foster

Former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel told the Houston Chronicle that he would love to play for the Texans so he could play alongside Andre Johnson and Arian Foster.

“Andre Johnson is awesome,” Manziel said. “I got to know Andre a little by going to Rockets games last year, him and Arian (Foster).

“I remember the first time I met them. A friend’s uncle had courtside tickets. I remember sitting on the first row, my feet on the court. I remember peering over and looking behind me and Andre and Arian were sitting behind me. I was like, ‘This doesn’t seem right. There’s something twisted with this.’

“Arian just got a new deal (contract). Andre’s a legend. Something’s not right about this. We ended up going in the Lexus Lounge, and I got a chance to talk to (them). Me and Arian both playing in the SEC, like I remember sharing stories with him.

“Andre is a guy I still talk to. We do have a little bit of a relationship. What a great athlete. He’s so incredibly impressive.”

Manziel is also fond Brian Cushing and J.J. Watt.

“(Cushing) is a guy I’ve talked to recently and has shown a lot of interest in me going to Houston,” he said. “He’s so talented and fearless. He’s another guy I’d love to have on my defense.

“Now, out of everybody in the NFL I’d want to go into the trenches with, J.J. Watt’s the guy. I know he’s not going to get pummeled, and I know he’s not going to stop fighting until there’s nothing left in him. That’s my kind of guy.”

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