Johnny Manziel filing numerous trademarks

johnny manzielAccording to Darren Rovell of ESPN,  former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has filed for a trademark for the phrase “The House That Johnny Built.”

Former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel continues to set himself up to cash in on his future. In line to eventually secure a “Johnny Football” trademark, Manziel’s team filed for more trademarks recently, including “The House That Johnny Built.”

But just like the trademark for “Johnny Football,” Manziel is actually second in line, and the person who is first might raise eyebrows among Aggies fans.

Fitch Estate Sales, a company owned by the family of Nate Fitch, Manziel’s friend who was with the quarterback at many of the autograph signings that resulted in a half-game suspension, was first to the phrase.

Fitch’s mother, Rachel, declined to comment. Her attorney, Gerald Fowler, told that it was his understanding that Nate and Johnny were going to use the trademark together.

TMZ Sports is also reporting that Manziel has also applied for several other trademarks that include “JIIM,” “JFF” “JMAN” “JMAN 2″ “The House that Johnny Built” and ManzIIel.”

I really like Manziel, but shouldn’t he be focusing on getting drafted and not trademarks?