John Mara: Drafting Ryan Nassib was an “obvious choice”

john mara 2New York Giants co-owner John Mara told NFL AM that they couldn’t help but select former Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib in the fourth round of this year’s draft.

“We came into the third day of the draft, and he’s sitting on top of our board — by far and away the best player we had left,” Mara said, per “I talked to Jerry and Tom Coughlin about it and we agreed that you have to respect your board. Your scouts and your personnel people put so much time putting that together. If you just continue to take the highest player on your board, in the long run you’re going to be better off as an organization.”

Mara realizes the Giants need to have a good back up behind Eli Manning.

“It’s been a while since we’ve drafted a quarterback,” Mara said. “We’ve been very, very fortunate that Eli has been healthy for so long, has not missed a snap in I don’t know how long, but you have to get ready to groom somebody just in case. The guy was a quality player in college. We think he has what it takes to be a quality player in the NFL. To me, it was an obvious choice for us. He was so high on our board that we expected him to be gone on the first or second day, and we were shocked that he was still there on the third day.”

I thought the Giants made a smart move.  Taking Nassib in the fourth round was a great pick and you really don’t know when Manning could go down with a serious injury, even though so far they’ve been blessed with him being able to stay healthy.