John Harbuagh isn’t sure if Ray Rice will hold out

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told the media at this week’s owners meeting’s down in Florida that he doesn’t know if running back Ray Rice will hold out for a long-term deal or if he’ll play under the franchise tag.

Harbaugh obviously hopes Rice will elect to not hold out.

“I think it will be the same level of maturity. I don’t know what their strategy will be, if they feel like they even need a strategy. That kind of goes back to the agent more than the player. But Ray Rice is a man. He loves football. He wants to be in there with his teammates. I’m hoping he’ll be there from Day One. I would expect him to be there from Day One. But if he’s not, I’m not going to hold it against him as a coach. We just need the best Ray Rice that’s possible for the first game.”

The bad news for Harbaugh is that in late February there was a report the Rice might end up holding out.  We won’t really know what his intentions are until  the Ravens start working out as a team in mid-April.

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