John Elway: Peyton Manning doesn’t get enough credit, has to win another Super Bowl to enhance his legacy

Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway believes Peyton Manning has to win a Super Bowl this season in order to help his legacy and believes it’s not fair.

Elway went on to say that Manning doesn’t get enough credit.

“Fair or not, that’s the way it is,” Elway said via the New York Daily News. “As a quarterback, especially the level you’re at with Peyton, that’s what they are going to look at. If we can win a championship this year, it’s going to help with Peyton’s legacy. Even if we don’t, I think the year that he’s had this year is going to still help with his legacy. He’s had a tremendous year. For some reason, Peyton is not getting the credit — he’s been there twice and he got one. You get to the point where Peyton is, the greatness that he’s had, there is always someone trying to put chinks in the armor and that’s what they go after.”

I think if Peyton had less one-and-dones in the playoffs and more trips to at least the AFC Championship,  people wouldn’t get on him for not being a great postseason quarterback.

  • Jerry Wilson

    The Mannings Have All been stars ,they will go in the hall, I Know The Big line That Loves Peyton keeps him Safe so he can Do the Things with the Pig Skin to win .