John Clayton: Russell Wilson won’t throw more than 28 passes a game

ESPN’s Johns Clayton doesn’t believe Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will throw more than 26-28 passes a game this coming season.

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all.  As much I would love to see the Seahawks let Wilson throw more in 2013, he’s probably not ready to carry that team on his shoulders just yet.

It’s going to take another year or two before the Seahawks will be able to open things up with Wilson.



  1. Seahawksfan99 says

    Really, he carried the team on his back for the entire second half of the season last year and in the playoffs. 380 yards passing and 64 yards rushing against the Falcons alone. He led the entire league from week 8 to the end in passer rating. Stop with the he’s not ready mantra, it just sounds stupid.

  2. pdk852 says

    Took the words right out of my mouth, Seahawksfan99. The leash came off 6 games into last season, and DangeRuss never looked back. If he ends up throwing just 26-28 times per game this season, it won’t be because he can’t handle it. It will be because they don’t HAVE to throw more than that to win, with one of the best ground attacks in the league.

  3. T4Seahawks says

    I agree that RW will probably average about 25-28 passes per game, but not for the reasons Clayton states. The Hawks are really a balanced running team so they will run the ball at least 50% of the time. Also, Russel’s efficiency rating means more scores with less attempts. RW will not need to throw the ball more than 28 time per game. With the improvements the Hawks have made on both sides of the ball, I predict they will finish next season with an average scoring offense of 35 points, and a scoring defense of only 13.5 points per game. Best in the NFL in both categories.

  4. hawkman54 says

    Couldn’t agree more- although I understand in some sense , because of the style of offense I too don’t think he will be throwing over 30 times very often if at all!

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