John Abraham’s DUI arrest occurred after leaving a strip club at 4pm

News broke on Monday that Cardinals linebacker John Abraham was busted for DUI in Georgia back in June.

According to TMZ Sports,  Abraham was pulled over by police after leaving a strip club at 4pm.

NFL star John Abraham was leaving the Pink Pony strip club — AT 4PM — when he was arrested for DUI in Georgia … this according to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

The Arizona Cardinals linebacker was popped on June 29th in Dekalb County … when cops say they saw a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road with Abraham asleep at the wheel. 

Cops say they pounded on the doors and screamed at Abraham for several minutes before he woke up — and when he did come to, they immediately smelled booze on his breath. 

Cops say, “He appeared confused and rambled while speaking.”

Then there’s this … “Abraham stated he was coming from the Pink Pony, a strip club and bar” — and told the cops he only had two drinks while inside. 


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