John Abraham reportedly wants more playing time than teams are willing to give him

john abrahamAccording to, the reason free agent defensive end John Abraham has had a hard time finding a new team is because he still wants to be a full time player, while many teams don’t view him as one.

While there has been no reason to disregard the recent report that the Titans could be signing defensive end John Abraham “this week,” a source close to a calendar advises PFT  that “this week” is ending soon.


Regardless of whether Abraham signs with the Titans now, later, or never, the reason for his protracted presence on the market comes from his desire to spend extended time on the field.  A league source explains that Abraham is hoping to play 60 or more snaps per game, and that most teams with interest see the 35-year-old as a 25-play guy.


With reduced playing time comes reduced salary, which explains why he’s had a hard time getting paid the way he’s accustomed.

As to his reported reluctance to return to Atlanta, the arrival of Osi Umenyiorana complicates the situation, because Abraham would end up with a lesser deal than Osi’s.  That makes it even harder for Abraham to justify going back to the team that tore up the last two years of the three-year deal he signed in 2012.

Abraham is clearly in denial about his playing ability.  I would have to imagine that sooner or later he’ll end up settling and signing with a team.  That’s of course if he wants to continue his NFL career.


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