Joey Porter says he’s retiring as a Steeler

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Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter told Ian Rapoport of that he plans on retiring as a memeber of the Steelers organization.

“That’s where I started at,” Porter told me on the driving range before a practice round of the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic in South Lake Tahoe. “It’ll be an honor to go out there and retire as a Steeler. Started there, end there. Thirteen years. I never thought I’d play that long when I first started.”

“I plan on retiring this year,” Porter said. “I already talked to the Steelers, put some plans together on signing with the Steelers and retiring as a Steeler. It was a good career. I have no regrets about nothing.”

Porter explained why he’s decided to retire.

“Not being able to get 100 percent healthy to play at the level I am accustomed to playing at,” Porter said, telling about the reason. “The last two years, I tried to play and I wasn’t out there as healthy as I’ve been in the past. This year, I knew my knee wasn’t getting any better as far as this season. It made the decision kinda easy, actually.”

Porter says that Art Rooney II and general manager Kevin Colbert have welcomed him back.

They welcomed me back,” he said. “I’ll sign back with them.“