Joe Staley: Lions’ defensive line is overrated

San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley felt like the Lions’ defensive line was very overrated after last night’s win over Detroit.

“They didn’t want any part of us up front,” Staley said.

“Look at the game. We killed them. Every single pressure they got was cheap. It was on a keep or something like that. They weren’t beating us one on one. We ran for about 200 yards (148 yards) on the so-called best D-line in all of football.”

49ers right tackle Anthony Davis feels like it’s disrespectful for the Lions to say they have the best defensive line in football.

“They think highly of themselves,” 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis said. “I heard they said they were the best D-line in the league or something. I feel that’s disrespectful to other good defensive lines.”

The Lions do have a talented defensive line, but the 49ers clearly have the best offensive line in football and they manhandled the Lions on Sunday night.