Joe Namath says his relationship with the Jets is ‘clumsy, awkward’


Former Jets great Joe Namath can’t help but only add the circus the New York Jets.

Namath was a guest on the Rich Eisen Podcast and gave his thoughts on how Rex Ryan handled the situation with Mark Sanchez getting injured this past weekend.

“I wish (Ryan) would just say it was wrong — ‘I made a mistake,’ ”  said Namath, via “But instead he was talking about the competitive feelings of wanting to win. That’s just beating around the bush. My man made a mistake, Rich!

“You do not put your quarterback in there in that situation, not the guy that is probably going to be your starter behind a makeshift offensive line in a preseason game. Come on. There was no rhyme or reasoning to that.”

Namath was asked how his relationship with the Jets currently is.

“Clumsy, awkward. Expressing myself and giving my opinions … none of us when we’re in position to be critiqued, if it’s not good we don’t like to hear it,” he said. “And I know it’s been uncomfortable for the Jets, Mr. Johnson, Rex or whatever. It’s comfortable for me, it has been for me since I’ve been around and noticed a subtle change in our relationships.”


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