Joe Montana rips San Francisco for letting the 49ers leave

Former 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana was asked about his thoughts on his former team leaving San Francisco for Santa Clara.

“I understand people’s concern about them leaving San Francisco,” said Montana, via

“I don’t think there was not enough of an effort by people in power at the time to try to keep them there. To me, they made a terrible effort to try to keep them in San Francisco.”

Montana does realize things could be worse.

“It’s not like it went to Oakland,” he said.

You can argue that the city of San Francisco would have been smart to offer the 49ers a more prime spot for their new stadium.  As much as it would have cost them to help build it.  they would have earned the money back without a problem.  You can read more on why they’re leaving right here.

The 49ers open their new stadium in Santa Clara next season.   At least they’ll still be representing San Francisco.




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