Joe Horn blasts Deion Sanders for his conccussion comments

This past weekend former NFL cornerback and current NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders claimed that a lot of former players that are complaining about concussions and head injuries from their playing career are only looking for some money.

Former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn made an appearance on The David Baumann Show 1080 The Team Orlando & 1040 The Team Tampa and ripped into Sanders for his comments.

“I think Deion has a very high IQ and (is) very knowledgeable when it comes down to football. However, the comment that he made about the concussions and what guys may be in it just for the money was asinine. It pissed me off. I was upset about that and when I see him face to face I’ll ask him about it. I think Deion should have done some research.”

Horn went on.

“Nationally, publicly, he made that comment. I think Junior Seau’s family, I think Dave Duerson’s, I think some families that had fathers, grandfathers or uncles who died from some of those concussions and diseases that caused that, he should come nationally and apologize to those families, because he don’t know.”

“I am in the lawsuit. I was one of the first ten guys that was actually in it two years ago. The problem is this man, how [the NFL] didn’t handle it and how they didn’t tell some of the players about it… The ordeal is, I do have headaches sometimes and I’ve had several concussions… When I’m 45-50 years old and something is happening to me, how do I know that’s not a part of me getting hit?”

“I’m just upset that it wasn’t handled properly when we got concussions the way it’s being handled now.  I’m glad it’s being handled now that way… It needs to be addressed and if the NFL has to pay for that, and hey, it is what is, but if they don’t and they’re brought to justice and just how to handle better situations, then I’m OK with that too.”

While I do believe some of what Sanders said could be true, I think it was very insensitive of him to say, but I also understand why he said it.

Sanders is clearly upset with the way the fear of concussions and head injuries has kept kids away from the game of football.

While I do believe there is a serious concern for youth football and head injuries, just like anything else things have been a little overblown.

At the end of the day, I don’t blame Horn for saying what he said because Sanders was wrong.


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