Joe Haden on facing A.J. Green: “It’s not like we’re scared”

Browns cornerback Joe Haden isn’t worried about facing off against Bengals wide receiver A.J Green this Sunday.

“It’s not like we’re scared,” said Haden, per the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “They have to plan for us, too. It’s not all about what they’re doing, it’s about what we’re gonna do to them. We have to come out and be aggressive and put hits on people. He’s really, really talented, but you’ve got T.J. (Ward) and (Tashaun) Gipson over the top, lurking, ready to come across the middle if he comes across the middle.

“I’m not just gonna run along with him and try to let him jump over me. It’s gonna be a really, good, intense matchup. It’s not a scared thing at all. It’s gonna be a battle. You gotta know sometimes they might get theirs, but you gotta be able to get yours a lot more.”

While Green is one of the top receivers in the NFL,  Haden is one of the best corners in the league.  It should be a great match up.


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