Joe Haden apologizes to his teammates for his suspension

According to Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Browns cornerback Joe Haden went around to some of his teammates after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, and apologized for being suspended for violating the NFL’s policy on performance enhancing drugs.

After spending 60 minutes demonstrating the  importance of his presence, Joe Haden made the rounds in the Browns locker room Sunday to apologize for his pending absence.

Haden pulled aside teammates and told them how sorry he was for letting them down with his four-game suspension, officially announced Monday.

“It hurts him not to be out there,” linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said, per the Plain-Dealer. “Joe is one of the biggest competitors on this team and he practices hard and plays hard. He came up to a few of us and he apologized for what had happened. If he knew the outcome before the situation happened, he obviously wouldn’t have done it. It’s here and hopefully the suspension goes by pretty quick and those other guys can step up. But he’s feeling bad about it.”

Browns linebacker Scott Fujita knows that not having Haden is a big loss.
“Joe’s a hard guy to replace,” Fujita said. “I think he’s one of the top five or six cover corners in the league now. He’s so competitive. He challenges every single throw. It’s going to be tough on him and tough on us.”

Jackson hopes that Haden grows up and becomes more mature.

“He’s a flashy guy, lots of cars,” Jackson said. “Hopefully, he will grow out of it soon. But he shows up on Sunday. He’s able to balance it. You can’t take the personality away from a guy. He is who he is. I feed off him and I love to watch him make plays on Sunday. Hopefully, he will correct that issue with the cars . . . get rid of them.”