Joe Flacco looking at making $20 million per season

We already know Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco isn’t going anywhere and will be back in 2013 no matter what.  It will come down to whether they can get an extension done before free agency begins in March.

ESPN’s John Clayton says if Flacco gets hit with the franchise tag, the Ravens will owe him $14 million in 2013.  He’s looking at making $20 million per season with his next contract, so it might make sense for them to extend Flacco and not place the tag on him.

If Flacco does end up earning $20 million per season, he would be right there with what Saints quarterback Drew Brees is getting.  He just signed a new 5-year $100 million deal before the season.


  • morton

    Let Flacco produce in the Super Bowl before giving him $20 mil

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • Anonymous

    agree with morton….

  • Anonymous

    Now if he goes out and stinks it up,he’s going to look pretty stupid.He kind of already looks stupid,but why not keep you mouth shut until you’ve won the big game…..

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Anonymous and morton

    • Superdog

      Typical celebrity athlete. He has not won the big game yet, and he is looking for 20 Million. Gee, it must be tough to live on a few million. The fans who pay for the high price of tickets, could probably use a little discount next year. If he gets 20 million, you caan bet your butt, the ticket price will go up, considerably, to pay for his raise. Only in America, is it diffficult to survive on a few million dollars a year.

  • Anonymous

    That’s nothing! I’m holding out for $25 million!!

  • Kerry

    look at it from Flacco’s (agent) viewpoint..take the money as soon as you can get them to give it to you..why not? wouldn’t you? Somebody else is going to give it to him if the Raven’s don’ me…

  • Anonymous

    let me know after the game brings bad luck