Joe Flacco is going to get paid like an elite quarterback

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is in the final year of his current contract and will become a free agent when the new league year begins in March.  Before this season started he decided to wait to work on an extension, which I’m sure he doesn’t regret now that he’s playing in this year’s Super Bowl.

When you look back at all the quarterbacks that have participated in the Super Bowl over the past five years, they’re some of the best in the NFL.

  • 2011 Eli Manning – Tom Brady
  • 2010 Aaron Rodgers – Ben Roethlisberger
  • 2009 Drew Brees – Peyton Manning
  • 2008 Ben Roethlisberger –  Kurt Warner
  • 2007 Eli Manning – Tom Brady

Flacco’s agent Joe Linta already believes he’s a stop five quarterback in the NFL.  There’s no doubt that he now has a legitimate argument that his client should be paid as one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

  • Tom Brady 5-yrs $78 million (signed in 2010)
  • Peyton Manning 5-yrs $96 million (signed in 2012)
  • Drew Brees 5-yrs $100 million (signed in 2012)
  • Eli Manning 7-yrs. $106 million (signed in 2009)
  • Ben Roethlisberger 8-yrs $102 million (signed in 2008)

By looking at the contracts above, it gives you an idea of how much money Flacco will get in his next contract.

My guess is that Flacco will get a six-year $90-$100 million contract.  A lot will depend on if he wins this year’s Super Bowl.