Jimmy Johnson says he made the “football decisions” in Dallas, not Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made it loud and clear that he’ll never step down as the general manager of his team because it worked during the ’90’s when they won three Super Bowls.

Former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson was on The Dan Patrick Show and made it clear that he was the run who made all the “football decisions” when he was in Dallas.

“That is completely a bunch of crock,” Johnson said, via ProFootballTalk.com. “Jerry started putting all those titles on himself after I left. He didn’t call himself general manager and president and all that stuff when I was there. He was just the owner. Because it was in my contract that I had total responsibility for all football decisions. It was in my contract, and he didn’t allow anybody to have that in their contract after I left.”

Johnson says he put together the Super Bowl teams.

“I was the personnel director there with the Cowboys,” Johnson said. “My pride was collecting the talent and putting together the team that won the Super Bowls.”

It will be interesting to see if Jones has a response to Johnson’s comments.


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