Jim Kelly says the Patriots are vulnerable, Aaron Hernandez was stupid

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly told the NFL Network that he doesn’t feel sorry for the Patriots now that they were forced to release tight end Aaron Hernandez after he was arrested for murder on Wednesday.

“I don’t really feel too sorry for them,” Kelly said, via the Buffalo News, “because sooner or late the Bills got to rise to the top, and if we have to take it that way? Oh, well.”

Kelly said the Patriots are vulnerable.

“They’re very vulnerable from the standpoint if you look at what Tom Brady’s lost,” Kelly said.

Kelly acknowledged that losing Wes Welker is going to hurt the Pats.

“When you lose a Wes Welker, that’s going to hurt. There’s no doubt. They have to feel something when it comes to losing their four, five top receivers.”

Kelly called Hernandez’s arrest “very, very sad,” and expressed his regards to the victim. Kelly also noted we haven’t heard about any direct evidence Hernandez committed the murder, but even if Hernandez didn’t do it, Kelly was aghast that a player could allow himself to be associated with such a nasty circumstance.

“Stupidity,” Kelly said. “What are you thinking? This is a society today where you have to watch what you do, watch what you say.

“If this holds true, man, it’s a sad day not only for Hernandez’s family, but for the NFL in general.”

I hate to break it to Kelly, but as long as the Patriots have Tom Brady, they’ll continue to own the Bills and the rest of the AFC East.  The Pats were able to get the AFC title game with Reche Caldwell as their number one receiver.




  1. Paco Martinez says

    HERE WE GO! The Pats can pick up T.O., Chad Ochocinco, Plaxico Burress, & Randy Moss!! What a selection they have!!


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