Jim Irsay sends fan $8,500 for guessing correct AFC title game score

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay ran a contest this past Sunday on Twirrer and claimed he would give one lucky fan $8,500 if they could predict the winner of the Patriots/Ravens game along with being within one point of the correct score.

A Colts fan named Jason guessed 27-13, whcih of course made him a winner.

As Jason told a Phish message board, he received a DM from Irsay after the game requesting his mailing address. This afternoon, a FedEx package arrived. You can see the contents above—$8,500, in hundred-dollar bills, and a note from Irsay (click to enlarge).

As Jason writes on PhantasyTour, “I think [Irsay] is the best owner in the NFL.” But he’s slightly biased.