Jim Irsay says Bill Polian wanted to trade Peyton Manning in 2004

Jim Irsay

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay told the Indianapolis Star that former general manager Bill Polian wanted to trade Peyton Manning after being frustrated with trying to sign him to a long-term extension.

According to Irsay, in 2004, a frustrated Polian was at wit’s end as he attempted to secure Manning’s new $98 million contract and, in a fit of pique, told Irsay, “We need to trade Peyton; we can get a bunch of defensive players and become like Tampa Bay or Baltimore.” Irsay said no. “Understand something, Bill, we are not trading Peyton Manning, period,’’ Irsay recalled telling the former team president.

Polian has not responded to an email request for comment made early this afternoon.

What’s really interesting is that the Colts ended up winning a Super Bowl just a couple of years later in 2006.  Imagine how mad Irsay would have been if he traded Manning to team and then go on to win a Super Bowl.


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