Jim Irsay lashes out at “ignorant media types” after Colts win

Jim Irsay

Colts owner Jim Irsay didn’t wait very long to lash out at the world on Twitter after his team defeated the Broncos on Sunday night football.



It’s funny that Irsay is mad at the media for pointing out that he blasted Peyton Manning and the rest of the players that were on the Colts roster during that era for only winning one Super Bowl. As much as he wants to claim his quotes were taken out of context, they weren’t. Irsay needs to man up to his comments and not blame the media for the things that come out of his mouth.

  • http://gravatar.com/millikensteeler Milliken Steeler

    Really Jim? The red bulbous nose, the um ummssss every other word when interviewed. The way you can’t look directly at the camera when being interviewed. The comments you make when you are interviewed.

    I have interviewed thousands of people in my job and hire based on good old fashioned traits displayed to me, not a personality test that generalizes people and is used by people that can’t hire…

    You own the Colts….I’m proud of you…that being said…something is off about you and I would use someone else as the face of the franchise until you get whatever demons you have in check. smh

    Owning a football team doesn’t make you a genius and you have proved that multiple times.

  • Anonymous

    He is becoming more like his old man. When he starts sending in plays from the owner’s suite, we will know that the transition is complete.