Jim Harbaugh is bluffing when he says they likely won’t release Alex Smith

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh told the media today that they likely won’t release quarterback Alex Smith.  He stated that Smith will either stay with them or be traded.

Harbaugh is completely bluffing.  There’s no way the 49ers can afford to keep Smith on their roster for the 2013 season when his cap number is $9 million and the 49ers are now $2 million over the cap.

Some people believe Smith might be willing to restructure his contract.  Sorry but that’s not happening.  He wants to start next season, not stand on the sideline with his helmet on.

I can’t imagine a team offering the 49ers more than a fifth round pick for Smith.  They might be able to steal a fourth rounder from a team since the quarterback market is so scarce this offseason.

At the end of the day, the chances are that the 49ers will end up releasing Smith.





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