Jim Harbaugh: Giants are a scary opponent

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh typically doesn’t root for other NFL teams,  but this week was different as he pulled for  the New York Giants to beat the Green Bay Packers during Sunday’s divisional round.

“I never really root,” Harbaugh said. “It feels like one of those things — be careful what you wish for. Just watch the two teams play, and if I ever do root in a game, it’s always for the team that’s playing harder. And it became evident that the Giants were playing harder and just executing better. And (they) played as a team.”

Now only did the Giants beat the Packers but they were able to pull away with a convincing 17 point win over arguably the NFL’s more explosive offense.

“That’s a formidable opponent,” Harbaugh said.  “That’s a worthy opponent. That’s a scary opponent.”

I agree with Harbaugh,  the Giants are scary and if the 49ers can’t slow down their pass rush,  they won’t have a chance on Sunday.