Jim Brown says Mike Holmgren never respected him

Former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown is happy to  now be working with his former team as a special advisor to owner Jimmy Haslam.

Brown claims that former Browns president Mike Holmgren didn’t respect him.

“(Holmgren) didn’t fire me. He just decided I was getting paid too much. And he didn’t need me to do anything but maybe a little dancing,” Brown said on NFL Total Access on Friday. “I didn’t feel that he understood my relationship with Cleveland, and I didn’t think that he really cared. … The disconnect was that I was not one of his boys.”

“I thought I had the kind of a relationship that would never, ever come to have someone from another city deciding my fate,” Brown explained. “I just thought it would be the Lerners, not the Holmgrens.”

Brown did admit that hurt to be left out of the 2010 Ring of Honor ceremony.

“It really did (hurt). It did not feel good,” Brown said. “And I took it. And I did not bash anyone. … I sort of went home.”

It’s good to see Brown back with the Browns because that’s where belongs.


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