Jim Brown rips into Mike Holmgren, loved the Trent Richardson trade

jim brown

Former Browns executive Mike Holmgren says he would have quit if they had traded Trent Richardson on his watch.

Browns great Jim Brown would have loved to have seen Holmgren get fired after their falling out a few years ago.

“Mike is not from Cleveland. I’m a Cleveland Brown,” Brown said, via CBS Sports. “So he gave me a choice of taking three dollars and doing a little dancing for him out there. I said, ‘Mr. Holmgren, I’m sorry… I don’t dance… become a mascot type of guy. And I cracked up but I wrote him a letter. And I stated those things, and I had a little humor with it because I knew ultimately I would probably be back because Cleveland is my home. I have great roots there and I love the people and the people love me.”

Brown says Holmgren took advantage of former Browns owner Randy Lerner.

“[Holmgren] had all his boys that were going to come in and take advantage of the kind of money that he could pay his guys and never really be there,” Browns said. “He took advantage of Randy (Lerner) and it was just a shame. Randy’s a good guy. Young owner. Wanted someone to take the pressure off of him. Mike came in, saw the weakness and took advantage of it.”

Unlike Holmgren,  Brown loves tot he Richardson trade.

“I was surprised,” Brown said regarding the trade. “But then I thought it was a brilliant move… Because first of all, Trent [Richardson] couldn’t have carried the kind of load that Cleveland needed.”

  • Scoop

    Jim Brown hated own trent richardson before he could even put on a browns jersey. It doesn’t help any that trent broke the browns rookie rushing record, this after jim brown said that richardson couldn’t tote a bucket of water. I think the browns did richardson a favor. At least now, he’s on a team that has a chance to win…. The browns have about as much chance of ever winning a super bowl as I do of hitting the lottery, and I don’t play the lottery. The question is, who’s worse, the browns or the cavaliers? The Indians are their best hope as usual. Jim Brown needs to get somewhere and sit down and shut up.

    • August Brooke

      Scoop, you have not a clue about anything Cleveland. Please do yourself a favor and take your own advice. And while you are at it consider giving a little attention to your grammar.
      Cleveland rocks!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great trade because a great running back will find a way to get yards. Look at AP and Barry sanders as examples they still put up great numbers and the teams they were on sucked. Trent is not a great back and he is injury proned and Cleveland got a 1st round pick for him. Great job browns.