Jets sticking with Geno Smith as their starter

Well it looks like the New York Jets plan on sticking with rookie Geno Smith as their starting quarterback going forward.

I would certainly be tempted to go with Garrard if I was the Jets.  They are in the middle of a playoff race.



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    Good bye Rex, I really wanted you to stick around and coach us into 2015 but i doubt it now. He has made the fans suffer by sticking with Geno. How can he even go on the same field and watch all this happen week after week. Even when we won games he made some bad decisions. Geno is never going to be a starting QB in the NFL. I said this about Sanchez after his 5th game as a rookie and I still believe it. Next years draft class is much better than last years. We should have never drafted a QB in the 2nd round and should have gone OLB, Offensive lineman or TE. Then waited for this coming draft for a QB. What a waste of a draft pick let me tell you. I am not watching the rest of the games if Geno is the starting QB and i hope the fans vacate their seats and void going to the games. This is just being ignorant and stubborn to think that you can make a good QB out Geno. He is just not smart enough and his reactions are too slow just like Sanchez. Give up already!!!!!

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