Jets sign Brady Quinn, release Graham Harrell

The New York Jets have decided to sign free agent quarterback Brady Quinn and have released Graham Harrell.

I guess the Jets believe the more quarterbacks you go through the better chance you have at finding one that can win games.




  1. paco martinez says

    Brady Quinn: The SAME Brady Quinn who was second string @ Denver Broncos when Tebow was there. Tebow was promoted to starter over Brady Quinn.
    AW, those JJJJETS: They are so “smart” 1st they get rid of Tebow a running style QB: 2nd they draft a rookie who’s like Tebow in that he too is a running QB and 3rd: They got rid of their 3rd string QB (who they let play ahead of Tebow last season) and 4th the picked up Brady Quinn the QB whom Tebow beat out for starter!
    There is NOT going to be a winning organization in Jet-land until they stop making asinine mistakes & player selections.
    Can we all agree that the Jets did NOT give Tebow a shot at being the #1 QB? The Jets didn’t give Tebow a chance to run his offense.

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