Jets reportedly thinking of using Geno Smith as a “change of pace quarterback”

geno smith 2

According to Rich Cimini of, the Jets are thinking about using rookie Geno Smith as a “change of pace quarterback.”

The coaches are toying with the idea of turning Smith into what Tebow was supposed to be last season — a change-of-pace quarterback (assuming he doesn’t win the starting job). Smith would have a package of plays, mainly read-option runs that could exploit his speed. The upside: It would give him some game experience, albeit in a gadget role, and add a wrinkle to the offense. The downside: He wasn’t very productive when West Virginia called designed runs, which wasn’t often. Smith, who considers himself a pocket passer, gives the impression he wouldn’t be thrilled in that role.

It sounds like the Jets are going to try to ruin Smith’s career right away,  He’s not a running back.  There’s no such thing as a “change of pace quarterback.”

As much as the Jets try not to do dumb things, this would be really stupid.  Just like with Tebow last year, they’re looking to make up a role for Smith.  If they want him to play, they need to start him over Mark Sanchez.


  • Milliken Steeler

    If this is true, its definitely time for rex to be gone and start over. Sanchez has proven he isn’t the man and his off the field stuff should show you his mentality keep him as your starter anyway….

    He had early success and decided he was gonna have fun ala Leinhart and its shows in his play.

    Then you at least start going in the right direction and you’re gonna do this with you QB pick when Sanchez obviously isn’t the answer?