Jets plan to blitz more this season

The New York Jets have always been viewed as a defensive minded team, considering head coach Rex Ryan’s history as a defensive coordinator plus formerly having the best cornerback in the league. Over the last two years however, the Jets have been slipping in the rankings for the defense. Some attribute that to having a ‘old and slow’ front seven while others will chose to blame former defensive coordinator Mike Pettine for calling too many conservative plays (to which some might say he was conservative because his defense was ‘old and slow’). This year that will change.

According the, look for the Jets to be more aggressive and blitz more this season. Here’s linebacker Davis Harris talking about blitzing more and being coy about the play calling last year.

We’re going to do a lot of blitzing and getting after people,” linebacker David Harris told Rich Cimini on Sunday. “There should be a different brand of football than you were used to seeing the last couple of years. … (Last year) we played more coverage. It wasn’t like ’09, that’s obvious. That’s all I’ll say about that

Many believe this year will be Ryan’s last year, barring a Super Bowl ring of course. It is smart to return to the defensive mentality that got him to his first AFC Championship game in 2009.