Jets’ owner says Mark Sanchez is their “franchise quarterback”

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson told the media on Thursday that they’re going to evaluate quarterback Mark Sanchez just like any other player on the team.

“Mark is a player on the team,” Johnson said, via the New York Daily News. “We’re going to evaluate him as we do the other players. He’ll be evaluated just like anybody else.”

Then Johnson slightly changed his tune and said Sanchez is their franchise quarterback,

“He’s the starter,” Johnson said. “He’s part of a team. He makes his contribution as do all three elements of the team. It’s not about one player… It’s 53 players. This is a team sport.”

“He is our franchise quarterback,” Johnson added. “I don’t view him that way… That’s what he is.”

I’m still waiting for Johnson to come out and admit that he traded for Tim Tebow so his team would get more attention and that it was strictly a gimmick move that has now back fired.

I think I’m going to be waiting forever to hear him sat that.


  • Jim Brown

    I certainly hope so – As a Died-In-The Wool Patriots fan, I couldn’t ask for more.

  • Some_Dude

    This guy is ridiculous, Sanchez should not be in the NFL. Tebow would have done so much more with that team, McElroy showed he was better than Sanchez. But Sanchez is the starting FRANCHISE quarterback? Why did he get benched at the end of the season? Why has he not improved at all since entering the league? (Even regressed, possibly)

    Either way, I love to see it. The Jets and Rex Ryan have become the most hated franchise in the league and they are continuing on the downward spiral. Rest assured, Rex will guarantee a Super Bowl again next season, and they will fall deeper into that hole…

    Al Davis would have been proud!

  • http://bilgewater bill cormeny

    This may be the kiss of death. Coaches,Owners,and GMs are always reassuring players and their agents,but then trading them for better players.
    The players and their agents are constantly putting out feelers to protect their assets.

  • finnegan

    Sanchez is mediocre at best and Rex Read needs no comment. His handling of Tebow speaks form him.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the date of the article folks _ November 2012

  • Roy Mabe ,Jr.

    Tim Tebow is the better quarterback,if the Jets would just give him a chance.

  • Kevin Sant

    Mark Sanchez is a joke, the jets are just pulling another publicity stunt like they did with Tim Tebow. They saw the Baltimore Ravens stand by their quarterback, Joe Flacco among criticism in which he answered back with a history making playoff run resulting in a Super Bowl title. No matter how many former Ravens players Rex Ryan acquires, the New York Jets will never be the Baltimore Ravens, and Mark Sanchez is not Joe Flacco.

  • Anonymous

    Thats because you a load boy…..swallow away

  • Bob Freeman (@BobFreemanhd)

    lmao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill J.

    Woody Johnson is a joke of an owner and his sorry team refects that! If Sanchez is the starting qb next season I’m rooting for another team, that’s all. Jets should be going all out to improve after last season’s disgrace but I quess as long as fans keep selling out the Jets stadium why change. I’m just loving the way teams like the SeaHawks go about their business!!!

  • Anonymous

    they must really be hard up to reprint this garbage

  • andy

    He has got to be kidding??? Sanchez is a bad back up at best…he is unsure of what to do…weak arm by NFL starter measures and was lucky to have a running game and defense he did in the playoffs his first two years. Time for him and Holmens and Ryan to go…bad leaders to much talk.