Jets holdng out hope that some team will trade for Tim Tebow

After multiple teams have come out this offseason saying they aren’t interested in Jets’ quarterback(?) Tim Tebow, it seems like, according to’s Dan Hanzus, the team is still holding out hope that someone will trade for the former Gator.

Good luck.

Hanzus brings up a good point: what is the point? They wont get much for the quarterback even if any team is willing to take on the distractions that adding Tebow to the mix would bring. If the Jets don’t have plans to keep Tebow, why not release him now and get a fresh start. That also gives Tebow ample time to find a new team, to which I also say: good luck.


  1. says

    the Jets are DESTROYING Tebow… as long as Sanchez can get on the field, Rex is gonna play him – REMEMBER REX’S TATTOO??? I’d love to see Tebow released and Elway picks him back up, but the odds of that happening are probably slimmer than me winning the Lottery.

  2. Will Guerra says

    No matter what people’s perception of if is, after awhile, you just start feeling bad for the guy for the way he’s treated. Then I remember how much he’s paid and I’m alright.

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