Jets GM says he’s not being pressured to start Tim Tebow

New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum says he hasn’t been pressured by ownership to start quarterback Tim Tebow over Mark Sanchez..

“Rex, (owner) Woody (Johnson) and myself, we talk all the time,” said Tannenbaum, per the Newark Star-Ledger. “We have a great relationship and we have a good, robust debate about what’s best for the team, but playing time is always going to be driven by Rex.

“We’ll talk to (owner) Woody (Johnson) about what we’re going to do … but Rex is in charge of who plays.”

Tannenbaum says he doesn’t regret trading for tebow.

“If we didn’t want (Tebow), we wouldn’t have traded for him,” Tannenbaum said. “Rex, Woody and I felt good about that transaction. Tim hasn’t had a lot of opportunities … but we’ll see how the next few games play out.”

Tannenbaum is right, if they didn’t want Tebow they wouldn’t have traded for him.  But they also didn’t trade for him for him to be a decoy.  He’ll get his shot at being the Jets’ starter.