Jerry Reese says he recently spoke with Justin Tuck about stepping his play up

There’s no doubt that New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck wasn’t the same player this past season that he has been in previous seasons.

Giants’ general manager Jerry Reese told the media on Saturday that he recently sat down with Tuck and talked with him about stepping his game up.

“Obviously, Justin hasn’t played as well as we think he can play and what kind of player he has shown to be in the past,” Reese said, per Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “And he knows that. Justin and I recently had a really long conversation and talked about some of those things, and he really wants to get back to the old Justin Tuck and be the player that we know him to be.”

While watching Tuck in 2012, it was clear to me that he lacked the passion that he’s had in the past.  We’ll have to see if he turns things around in 2013.


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