Jerry Reese: David Wilson is no longer the Giants top running back

On Monday,  New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese made it clear that they know they can’t count on running back David Wilson next season because of a neck injury that could end up ending his career.

“I don’t think you go into the next season saying David Wilson’s going to be our No. 1 starting running back,’’ Reese said, via the New York Post. “The guy is coming off of a neck surgery, if he decides to have it.’’

Reese says the Giants remain “hopeful’’ Wilson will be able to continue his career. “The earlier reports that I’ve gotten, doctors do think they can fix this and he’ll be able to play,’’ he said.

Let’s face it,  even if Wilson is able to continue his career, he hasn’t done enough to be their starting running back.  He still has a lot to prove.