Jerry Jones not worried about Tony Romo’s back

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman said that his former team should be concerned about Tony Romo’s back after recently underwent surgery to repair a herniated disk.

After Sunday night’s loss to the Eagles, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters he’s not worried about Romo.

“The nature of his injury was not alarming,” Jones said via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “As a result of what they saw when they had the surgery, it’s not alarming as to his future. It wasn’t complicated. It was readily addressable and should frankly expect the kind of rehab or recovery he had earlier with the cyst-type situation. I honestly know that he got quicker relief once he had the procedure. He got immediate relief and he’s doing well.”


  • Karen Smith

    Jerry Jones may not have to worry about Romo’s back but he does need to worry about Romo’s ego. This is where the problem starts and where it will remain if something isn’t done about this, especially if they want the Cowboys back as we used to know them. The Cowboys, as we used to know them went away when Romo came in. So, if Mr. Jones wants his team back ( the dream team, as we used to know it) he’ll get rid of Romo and find another path to cross. Sorry but this is just the way it has to be, or the Dallas Cowboys will stay on rock bottom for years to come.