Jerry Jones wants Tony Romo to have the type of role Roger Staubach once had

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio what he’s expecting from Tony Romo this season.

“The people who are around him the most, his coaches, tell me he’s never had a bad idea,” Jones said, per “So if you think about it, where he is right now, he’s 10 years older than most of the players that are out on that field. We think his skill level is very much right where we hoped it would be for several years to come.

“But what we want to use more than we ever have, is the kind of thing that (Roger) Staubach contributed on the field. Real input into designing a plan that helps beat that opponent.”

Jones wants Romo to study more.

“You gotta do more than look at a couple of quick plays on Tuesday or Monday,” said Jones. “You’ve got to get in, study, spend time, look at 100 plays. To really have that input, but we think he can bring that to the table and that will be a big change.

“That is a change. He’s certainly has had input, but not the kind of input he’s going to be having going forward.”

I don’t think Jones realizes it, but he’s implying that Romo has never worked hard enough in his career.



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