Jerry Jones wants to get his $100 million worth out of Tony Romo

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Albert Breer of the NFL Network that he’s looking to get a lot more out of quarterback Tony Romo after signing him to a $100 million contract.

“When you give somebody $100 million, you’d like to get every ounce of anything they can bring to the table to win a football game,” Jones said, per

Jones believes including Romo’s input into their week to week game plans will help.

“He’s outstanding on offensive concepts and he’s got a vantage point that very few people have,” Jones said of Romo. “So anything that he can bring from the concept to the field has got to make us a better football team. I think it will.”

Jones doesn’t believe Romo is an average quarterback just because the Cowboys have finished 8-8 the past two seasons.

“We’ve been disappointed the last two years,” Jones said. “Nobody more so than him. We’re going to take what we’ve got with Romo’s great experience, ability, decision making, all of those things and we’re going to try to win more ballgames.”


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