Jerry Jones: Trademark ruling ‘a deterrent to using’ Redskins name

jerry jonesCowboys owner Jerry Jones admits it’s not a good that the Redskins had their trademarks canceled.

“As far as the big debate that’s going on, I don’t have any statement on that,” Jones told USA TODAY Sports. “But as far as having team marks that aren’t protected, that’s a disadvantage.

“That would be one of the things that you’d consider if you’re going to do everything that you could to promote the franchise, to promote that name. If you didn’t have exclusive use of that name, then that would be a deterrent to using it.”

By having their trademarks canceled,  anyone can sell items with the “Redskins” name and logo on it, which will hurt the NFL by taking money away from them.

“All owners share the economic benefit of our marks,” he said. “To the extent that all owners are not protected as much as we were, it implies that there would be a financial consequence. Certainly, they are impacted. To the degree that it would cause another owner to get into the business of the Redskins, I doubt it. I don’t see it being of that consequence economically. I don’t see it as having enough economic consequences to create any inertia.

“But that’s not to address anything about anybody’s opinion, one way or another.”


  1. gavinwca says

    This Fascist President is trying to destroy everything American. Time to stand up to this Fascist American Government. If they can take the Redskins Private Property they can do anything they want.

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