Jerry Jones thought he would draw more trade offers for the 16th pick

jerry jonesCowboys owner Jerry Jones admits he was surprised Johnny Manziel was available at 16, but he was even more shocked that they didn’t generate much trade interest for their pick.

“I was even more surprised that the fact that he was there didn’t bring on a bonanza of offers that would have given us, maybe, more options,” Jones said Thursday night via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “What I was also surprised by was we had the option to take Martin.”

Jones said the Cowboys spent “eight or nine minutes” looking at chances to trade back. He said they had both firm and “semi-offers.” Eventually, the quality of Martin and the chance to protect quarterback Tony Romo swayed them, Jones said.

“I think that Tony has everything to do with this decision,” Jones said. “If you look at the difficult dynamic of giving up this type, this player, that really enhances what we can do on offense and what Tony can do for the future, it didn’t make sense.”