Jerry Jones sees himself in Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that wide receiver Dez Bryant is doing better at not making so many mistakes off the field.  He also said that Bryant reminds him of himself at his age.

“What I see from Dez Bryant is an evolving.  And he is getting better.  He’s– better as a player,” said Jones per the Dallas Morning News.  ” He’s– has– certainly continues to make some mistakes, make some bad judgments out there, but he’s doing better.  He’s worth it.  He’s worth it.  Let me be real clear about that.

“He can help this team win.  The same thing is true off the field.  I do see that he’s evolving.  He’s more aware.  He’s doing the kinds of things that you’d expect somebody 24 to– think about at the time, but now think about what I just said.  You’d expect somebody 24 to think about at the time.  Had a few slips when I was in that age range myself.”

I wonder if Jerry dropped as many passes as Dez, when he played football.