Jerry Jones says the Cowboys don’t have a “country club atmosphere”

jerry jonesAccording to the Dallas Morning News, during a conference call with season ticket holders, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear that an unmotivated locker room isn’t the reason why they’re a combined 16-16 over the past two years.

“I don’t think that we do have a country club atmosphere around here,” Jones said. “There’s too much competition. These players recognize how fortunate they are to be in the NFL, to have these opportunities. We’ve got as good or better leadership than my experience in 24 years with the Cowboys has seen.

“I think the stage is set with the attitude, the personnel, what Jason Garrett is doing relative to his leadership. All of those things will come to bare. We just need to win a couple of games that we didn’t win, let’s say each of the last two years, get in the tournament and go from there.

“Baltimore and the Giants are really encouraging. It’s hard for me to say, but we know how the Giants got there and won the world championship, we know how Baltimore [did it]. A lot of that is where the NFL is today.”

I think Jones is right.  While the Cowboys may not have a country club atmosphere, they lack the leadership to win.


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