Jerry Jones not very concerned over draft board being leaked

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t sound very concerned that his draft board ended up being leaked out for the second time in four years by Blogging the Boys.

“I can certainly appreciate the sensitivity of our draft board [during] the draft,” Jones said on Tuesday, per the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t look at it as a very sensitive issue at all. I’m a little hard-pressed to see where the issue is at all after the draft is over. We don’t put anything up there that’s particularly sensitive. Those are the opinions and the work of our scouts.

“The fact that there might have been a player up there a round earlier or a round later than it is on a lot of other people’s boards or opinion doesn’t impact us. I don’t see the negative aspect of that information. We won’t make it a practice of publishing it, but still, I don’t think it’s an important detail.”

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett gave his thoughts on their draft board being leaked.

“I didn’t follow that story very closely,” he said. “Obviously we have a draft process that we believe in. A draft board is part of that process. A lot of discussions are a part of that process to the interpretation of that draft board, and then we make our best decision. Any comment beyond that is not something that I want to get into.”