Jerry Jones would like the NFL to expand the playoffs

jerry jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told 105.3 The Fan that he would love to see the NFL expand the playoffs.

“From the standpoint of looking at how exciting it is for a city or a community to be involved in the playoffs and the fact that you can have a team that might have literally operated at .500 or in that area … you can have that team win the Super Bowl,” Jones said Friday via “That makes a big case for adding a couple of more cities or communities that have NFL teams to the playoffs.

“It just creates that much more excitement and that much more interest for people in those communities. So I fall on the side of the ledger that would increase the playoffs.”

Of course Jones wants the league to expand the postseason.  It would enable his time to finally make it.



  1. Wags33 says

    If that strategy were to actually be implemented by P.T. Barnum-Jones, than Cowboys fans should get used to seeing “5 – 11″ records for the next several years. As long as Jerry Barnum’s at the helm, and Opie’s his first mate roaming the sidelines, this ship is destined to hit icebergs!!!! That or become stranded on an uncharted island!!! Anyone know who may make a good Ginger and Maryann for this 3 year tour???

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