Jerry Jones on firing Rob Ryan going with Monte Kiffin: “It doesn’t look good right now”

After Sunday night’s blowout loss to the Saints,  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted that it doesn’t look good that his former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan shut down their offense as a member of the Saints coaching staff.  He sounds like he might be regretting letting go of Ryan and hiring Monte Kiffin.

“We thought it was best for us to go in the direction we are, and it doesn’t look good right now,” Jones said via “Hopefully we can make it look good, but I have all the feelings you have any time you look back at a decision, and I realize when some of them work you have to have a few things go along with it.”

This is what happens when you’re the owner, general manager and anything else you can think of.



  1. Anonymous says

    Jerry you have fired coach after coach they leave Dallas and successful , that should tell you that the game has left you. You have not won since Jimmy Johnson left. You sign Romo to a 109m contract he is a loser!!

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